Jay Paul Kahle - Attorney at Law

Jay Paul Kahle and Associates is a General Practice law firm which concentrates in several specific areas.

Some areas of the Law are not as complex as others and many law firms consider that practice in these areas must be included in every law offices general practice. For an overview of legal problems commonly faced by all of us please click here.

However, other areas of law are more complex and demand that the attorney gain advanced and continuing education and obtain more hands on experience to best serve his or her clients. Listed below are those areas in which our law firm, Kahle & Associates, has chosen to concentrate our efforts. Click on the subject to get more detailed information.

Buying and selling a home or other real estate

Real estate closing costs made simple

Marriage, separation, and divorce

Wills, trusts, estates

Accidents and just compensation

If you have problems which fall outside these areas, contact us to ask if we can properly represent you. If it's a general area of law and we can represent you, we'll tell you. If we feel your problem needs the services of a firm with a different concentration, we'll help you find someone else who can best serve your legal needs. Please read "The Why, When and Who of choosing a Lawyer."

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